RecTec - a multi-talent in recycling technology

The machine shop was founded in 1980 under the name Myllyojan Metalli Ltd. The company was sold to Kuusakoski Ltd in 1988, from which it became a separate company due to the expansion of its operations in 2015. The company's management acquired the Recycling Technologies unit from Kuusakoski and established RecTec Engineering Ltd.

The MBO deal freed RecTec to focus on sustainable environmental and recycling technology. The strategic choice of the company is to develop and design new and utilize existing technology for its customers so that the functional entity operates flexibly and cost-effectively.

RecTec Engineering designs the entire line or plant operation chain from start to finish, without forgetting the disposal or disposal of the waste generated.

RecTec's in-house design department prepares pre-research, describes and visualizes various operational processes, and designs and engineers projects. Implementation can be done in-house by RecTec or in conjunction with other suppliers of the customer's production equipment. RecTec also refurbish and modify old recycling technology for new use.

The absolute strength of RecTec Engineering is its experienced staff and affiliated network of subcontractors, who have for many years been working together and implementing various recycling plant development projects and delivering completely new plants in Finland and abroad.

Renewal projects can be accomplished quickly because RecTec has a variety of implementation templates to deliver the functionality you want. The processing line can be assembled at the company's Heinola workshop.


1980   Myllyojan Metalli started its operations
1988   Kuusakoski Ltd purchase Myllyojan Metalli Ltd
2004   Myllyojan Metalli is merged as a part of Kuusakoski Ltd, Recycling Technologies, RecTec
2015   RecTec Engineering Ltd in an MBO to start after the transaction


RecTec Engineering Ltd owners

Entrepreneur and managing director Tapio Väli-Torala
Design manager Ville Rautiola
Senior designer Pekka Vainio
Petri Liikanen
Martti Kuusakoski
Kuusakoski Group Ltd

We operate according to the following principles:


We survey the needs and material flows for customers according to which we offer just the appropriate and safe solution for this particular purpose. This is based on our deep knowledge of recycling and waste handling industry.


Our own designing (Vertex G4/AutoCad) and wide experience in difficult processes and material flows bring certainty for choosing the total economic solutions, which keep the processes running reliably, economically and for long time.


We recognize the input materials and the quality requirements for the output fractions as well as the sales channels. Therefore, we can offer the total economical refining processes for your company to be successful and the amount of side products can be put to minimum.