As a custom-made machine shop, we design and manufacture recycling technology lines for our customers on a turnkey principle, or manufacture separate customized equipment to meet customer requirements. RecTec Engineering Ltd also implements innovative technology solutions for other industries as needed.

Here are some of our product solutions:

Apron Feeder  Belt Conveyor  Sorting  Material Bin  Weighing  Sampler  Wheel Press  Hammer and Ring Crusher

Rotary Feeder  Air Separation System  Service Platforms

Apron Feeder

The efficient operation of the line is based on a fully functioning feed system. RecTec's steel apron conveyor is made for extremely heavy use. The apron conveyor combines a large storage space with a reliable and highly adjustable line feed.
Precise adjustability is achieved by a planetary gearbox or a hydraulic motor. Thanks to the rubber-sealed aprons, the fine material does not cause any wear on the equipment or interference with production.

The feeder can be between 1 - 3 m wide and 3 - 50 meters long. In addition to the horizontal section, the conveyor can have an incline of up to 35 degrees, which allows the material to be fed smoothly into the process. The conveyor can be equipped with a feed roll to ensure a smooth feed. The chain conveyor is durable, quiet, energy efficient and has few wear parts.

Belt Conveyor

Our belt conveyors are reliable, durable and safe. Depending on the material to be transported on the line, a roller conveyor, a slide side conveyor or a slide bottom conveyor is selected. Cleaning equipment, dust protection and statutory shields are tailored according to process and site requirements.


The hand sorting conveyor is designed with work ergonomics in mind. The width and material of the sorting belt are selected according to the amount of material to be sorted and the size of the piece. The top of the conveyor can be provided with a rising front. For safety and temperature reasons, the funnels are fitted with a shut-off valve.

The sorting room can be equipped with underfloor heating, ventilation, air heat pump and work-appropriate lighting.

Material Bin

RecTec's steel structure storage bins can be easily emptied with a wheel loader. Compared to traditional concrete beams, steel beams are more space-efficient and easy to form in line. Steel material also shortens installation time and is cost effective.


The product coming from the line comes along the belt conveyor to the distribution conveyor. The distribution conveyor can be driven in two directions. From the transfer conveyor, the material falls (eg 3 m³) into the weighing vessel. At both ends of the conveyor belt are similar weighing vessels and weighing equipment.

As the material fills the weighing vessel up to the adjusted weight or surface limit, the transfer conveyor reverses and begins to fill another weighing vessel. The weight of the full weighing vessel shall be recorded automatically in the totalizing balance. Empty the weighing pan by opening the bottom slider. The container is emptied on a belt conveyor which conveys the product further in the process.



The sampler takes a sample of the material flow at certain intervals. The sampler travels along a linear guide below the belt conveyor´s drop point and collects a material sample for analysis. The sampling vessel moves along the linear guide at adjusted speed, or the sample can be operated manually.

Wheel Press

With our designed tire press, you can quickly and safely remove car tires from rims without the need for manual labor. The wheel press is attached to material handling machine.

Hammer and Ring Crusher

Our hammer and ring crusher is equipped with two different rotors for optimal crushing of different raw materials. The size of the chippings is adjustable with hydraulically opening screens.

In our design, we have paid attention to the durable design of the crusher and the removal of oversized material. This enables continuous and more efficient production.

We also manufacture conventional ring and pre-crushers.

Rotary Feeder

Our customized rotary feeders are designed to endure abrasive materials and handle large pieces.

Air Separation System

We manufacture air separation systems for crushing plants including the following functions:

  • zikzak separator
  • dust piping (with explosion hatches if required)
  • cyclone
  • the rotary feeder
  • fan
  • dust filter

Service Platforms

We design and manufacture standardized service platforms with stairs and railings to meet customer needs.