Ekopartnerit Turku Oy, Turku, Finland
Construction and energy waste treatment line
Kuusakoski Oy, Heinola, Finland
Several different lines eg. reject, enrichment, x-ray and separation line.
UPM Speciality Papers Oy, Valkeakoski, Finland
Receive line for recycled wood .
Delete Oy, Tampere, Finland
Building and demolition waste separation line, screening and magnetization.
Versowood Oy, Heinola, Finland
Among other things, a conveyor line for the sawmill, a line for sawn timber and a timber lift.
Kuusakoski Oy, Lahti, Finland
Construction and demolition waste and commercial and industrial waste treatment line.

Kuusakoski Oy, Gävle, Sweden
Total delivery of universal crushing line eg. for household and electronic waste.